Voices In Focus


Fresh new young voices to give your next event a lift!

Band Members
Josh Burgos
JC Meza
Eduardo Rivera
Francis Marchant
Andy Aguirre
Amanda Souza
Matt Souza

Our Mission

OUR MISSION : Christ is looking for a people who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Our goal as a ministry is to lead our generation back to its original purpose, to worship God. We want to connect the body through worship and convince the world through wonders. Through our worship we hope to create an atmosphere where the loving kindness of the Holy Spirit can draw people unto Himself, so that they might be set free and given new life in Christ. We desire to be used by God in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit so that people might see the love and power of the living God. Ultimately, we desire to give thanks to Jesus for changing us, transforming us, giving us life and life more abundantly. We give our worship, our talents, our hearts and our lives to God because He has changed us From Within.