Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a speaker's bureau?
No, we are not a speakers bureau.  We are simply a directory provider.  All negotiations are strictly between speakers/musicians/venues and event hosts and we urge you to obtain usual references before hiring anyone.
Does Speak Out For A Cause get a portion of engagement fees?
No. All engagement fees/stipends are negotiated and retained by the speakers or musicians. Only directory listing fees are directed to charity.

Why can't I choose which charity my application fee goes to?
In order to provide equal support to all of our ministry partners, we allocate funds fairly.  We do try to ensure that your funds stay within  your own community whenever possible.
How much of my fee goes for administration or salary of this project?
NONE.  One hundred percent of all fees go directly to the charity. Your check is made out directly to the charity.  Their use of funds is consistent with their guidelines. Please check the partner web sites for questions on how their money is spent.
How is the directory marketed or distributed?
The directory is downloadable free of charge to people and organizations.  The beauty of this project is that our partner ministries have a vested interest in the success of the directory. The more listings there are increases the funds available for distribution.  Aggressive marketing awareness of the project is on going.  Our volunteer staff are professional marketing and development people with a strong interest in social justice.
Is the application fee an annual fee?
No, at the present time it is a one time fee. 
If I purchase the quarter page listing can I later change my mind to go to a larger space?
Yes, if initially you purchase a quarter page and somewhere down the line you want to upgrade to full or half page you simply pay the difference to upgrade your listing.
If I am both a funds recipient and a listed speaker can I direct funds to my charity?
No.  We are all about mutual support.  Any directory lister who is also a recipient will be assigned to direct the funds to another ministry partner.  But if  a speaker is lists with us as a result of your referral you are assigned their fee.
Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes!  That is the beauty of this project.  Your donation is made out directly to the ministry partner so it is 100% tax deductible.